Campanini Carnaroli Rice

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Has a long, slender, tapering grain and central wide pearl, Carnaroli cooks uniformly without overcooking. It blends well with vegetables and condiments for rice salad and pilaf and makes a slightly less creamy risotto than Vialone Nano. It cooks in about 16 minutes.

A historical variety of the Italian rice cultivation, it is considered since long time the “prince” of the rice, the most used for the risotto. Carnaroli rice, cooks well and absorbs liquids in a good way and is best and most widely used for risotto.
For three generations Campanini has produced custom-milled rice at their small, specialized riseria where each production step is under the supervision of a family member. The rice is pure and natural and does not undergo any chemical treatment.

Box 1Kg, vacuum sealed.

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