Espresso Brava Sea Salt

Product Description
$14.95 CAD

Espresso is the most concentrated and elegant form of brewed coffee, and the base for many extremely popular café drinks. Espresso is both a coffee beverage as well as a brewing technique, so any bean or roasting level can create a deeply flavored espresso, as long as the espresso brewing process is followed.

Our Espresso Brava Salt adds a bold coffee flavor to chocolates, desserts and cognac reductions. It also makes an outstanding marinade or rub for steak and pork, as its richly deep flavor provides a robust seasoning. This salt compliments sweeter flavor profiles like nutmeg, anise, vanilla, cherry, hazelnut and raspberry.

  • Salty taste with a coffee finish
  • Irregularly sized grains, about 1 to 3 millimeter
  • Brown to dark brown color

Weight:  75gr. (2.6oz)

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