Ravioli Tray x 24

Product Description
$28.00 CAD
Tray made of matt, sandblasted aluminium. 4 skid-proof feet. Length 33.5 cm, width 11.5 cm, height 2 cm. Weight 390 gr. Comes with a small one-piece wood rolling pin.

Length 26.5 cm, Ø 3 cm, weight 95 gr. Tray and rolling pin are not suitable for the dishwasher.

It makes producing large quantities of ravioli easier. Lay a strip of dough cut to fit on the flour dusted tray. Fill the depressions with your ravioli filling and cover them with another layer of dough. Finish off the tray by lightly running the rolling pin over the ravioli so that after they are done they separate easily from the tray.

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