MAC Knives

America's Test Kitchen #1 rated Asian Vegetable knife. Entirely manufactured in Japan, MAC knives are precision tools, shaped, assembled, polished and sharpened by professional Japanese craftsmen.


- Heritage French Soap Maker -

Transport yourself to the gardens of Haute-Provence...

Our Balamic Vinegars Selection

Produced in Modena and Reggio Emilia

Full-bodied, intense taste with woody hints, harmonious perfume, balanced density

Tessitura Pardi

Sure to add a refined, unparalleled  "Country Chic" look to your table settings

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Nature's Fountain of Youth

Our single estate olive oils are produced only in limited quantities from the growers themselves. From Fruity Light to Fruity Intense, Grassy, Spicy and Assertive.

Featured Collections

Tissues Toselli 'Olivia'

Available in five beautyful colors, the Olivia design is one of the most loved patterns offered by the Nice based producer. 100% cotton Jacquard, 100% spill proof with its hydophobic properties.
In the 90's Tissus Toselli presented a new collection of linens to satisfy the world market who desires the French Lifestyle in tabletop. They continues expanding the styles, colours and fabric of table linen that represent "la vie Provençale"

Casa Bugatti Ares Flatware

The introduction of the Ares collection, brings a new level of contemporary beauty and style to The Tuscan Kitchen. We have been the sole Canadian direct importer of Bugatti Flatware since 1999. Manufactured in Milan, combining the beauty of pearlized acrylic handles and the durability of 18/10 Stainless Steel, both the Aladdin and the Arianna collections have consistently been favourites of our customers.


Since the introduction of the brand in 1920, Lothantique continues to be a leader in premium bath and home care products found in the finest boutiques and most exclusive stores in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. It is Lothantique that brings you the best of the fine world of Provence. So slow down, take time to breathe and transport yourself to the gardens of Haute-Provence with us.

The Tuscan KitchenHerbs & Spices

Fantastic Selection of herbs, spices, blends and rubs.
Become an instant Chef!

Tessitura Pardi

DIrectly from the family owned mill in Umbria.
Exquisite table linens. Exclusive in Canada to The Tuscan Kitchen

Couleur Nature

Fruits Yellow-Green Collection

Aged Balsamic VinegarFrom Modena andReggio Emilia

From some of the oldest and best producers.
Giusti, Leonardi, Bellei, Dodi.


The rustic yet chic shapes of Lastra's Italian plates were inspired by the overlapping wooden mold that was used for centuries to form Parmesan and other cheeses throughout Italy.