Balsamic Vinegar is an exclusive and precious product fermented, matured and aged, using the same methods of production for centuries within the boundaries of the district of Modena.  Balsamic vinegar is created by the natural and spontaneous transformation of grape-must boiled and concentrated on the fire and in the open air.  The raw must is obtained by the gentle squeezing of overripe Trebbiano and sometimes Lambrusco grapes.  The above-mentioned boiling of the must modifies its composition both as to quality and to quantity and creates the ideal "habitat", which, with the help of man, will become the setting for its lifelong transformation into balsamic vinegar.  We also carry a large selection of wine, sherry and infused vinegars to satisfy even the most extravagant palate.   All our balsamic vinegars are labeled with an I.G.P Logo (Protected Geographical Location) meaning the production has to follow certain production criteria in order to qualify for European Certification. Produced solely in the provinces of Modena and Reggio Emilia.

Balsamic Vinegar

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