IMA Mixed Fruits Cache Pot-Planter

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Ceramiche I.M.A.  products are entirely hand made, as for the forging of the products, as for the decoration, this phase in some cases can last up to 12 hours! The raw material is supplied from a near factory, which extracts clay from caves located along the course of river Arno, so this material is again purified in the company before it is used for the production. 

For the decorations, the painters are inspired from the tradition, readapted at the modern style, but moreoften they create their own decorations, based on the market requests and on the evolution of the furnishings.


Plant pot with festive colours that brighten and enhance any corner of the home. It can be placed on the floor but also on a table where it becomes an elegant decor piece.


  • Height: 32 cm (12.6")
  • Dimension: 40 cm (15.8")
  • Made in Italy

Height: 32 cm (12.6")
Dimension: 40 cm (15.8")

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