Truffle, Parmiggiano & Black Garlic Seasoning

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60gr. (2.1oz)

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This rich seasoning blend combines the potent, savory flavors of truffles and black garlic with the salty tang of Parmigiano cheese.

  •  Artful blend of umami-rich ingredients
  •  Super-savory seasoning elevates simple dishes and elaborate recipes alike
  •  Fine white powder with flecks and flakes of black garlic and dried truffles


Black truffle salt, Parmigiano, corn starch, black garlic powder, spices, garlic, onion, olive oil

    Weight:  60gr. (2.1oz)

    More Info

    High-quality black truffle salt provides a base of umami-rich flavor to this blend. The mellow, round mushroom-notes of the truffles are heightened with the taste of natural sea salt.

    The black garlic brings in a slightly sweet but clearly savory note with its own unique tang. Black garlic is a traditional preparation important to many Asian cuisines, made by fermenting fresh garlic cloves. The enzymes active through the fermentation process tone down some of the garlic's harsh or acrid notes and creates deep, some say almost bitter chocolate-like flavors that plays incredibly well with the layers of truffle and parmesan cheese. Black garlic is maybe best described as being deeply, thoroughly caramelized garlic.

    The Parmiggiano cheese adds its own nutty, slightly salty flavor to the blend. It's a key element in balancing the interplay of the savory truffle flavors with the almost sweet black garlic.

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