Ceramiche Virginia with Video

Since their birth 40 years ago,Virginia Casa has been dedicated to employing skilled and experienced Italian artisans. Since that time they have relentlessly pursued the perfection of many new styles all the while maintaining a focus on ancient, manual techniques of pottery making. The result is a beautiful series of sophisticated lines deeply rooted in tradition, inspired by history, and employing only the best materials and the finest Italian artisans. Everything by Virginia Casa is, and always will be, completely Made in Italy. With Virginia Casa, charming and seductive ideas are born and beauty is fashioned from the raw matter of the Earth. Inside the factory, skilled craftsmen give shape and color to wonderful pottery items which are intended to furnish the and enhance and beautify the entire home. Their collection of beautiful lines made in styles ranging from country chic, to classic and neoclassic, from baroque to minimalism, are all reinterpreted with attention to modern trends, thoughts and lifestyles.