Cardamom, Whole Green

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Green Cardamom (Elettaria) is a member of the ginger family known for its eucalyptus-like floral, citrus flavor and aroma. Also known as "Ceylon cardamom" or "true cardamom," this plant is considered one of the world's most valuable spice crops.

Green cardamom is most often used as a cooking spice, adding an unmatchable essence to both sweet and savory recipes. Used whole or in ground form, green cardamom is an ingredient in many Indian curries and a primary ingredient in masala chai. Especially popular in Scandinavian baked goods, the spice ranks higher than cinnamon for usage in the region's cuisine. It is also frequently used in sausage making throughout Europe and the United States.

Green Cardamom seeds come wrapped in a paper-like shell, holding their warm, spicy-sweet flavor and delicate floral aroma.


  • Pungent, aromatic spice flavor
  • Light to dark olive green
  • Approximately 1/4- to 1/2-inch long, oval shape

    Weight:   45gr. (1.58oz)

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