Casa Virginia Italica - Pasta/ Soup Plate

Product Description
$39.00 CAD

Virginia's 'Italica' line of dinnerware perfectly combines casual and elegant. Whether you dress it up with fine linen, or down with stone-washed cotton, it will certainly impress your guests. The dark clay shows through the pure-white glaze adding definition to the shape and pattern as well as a beautifully shaded character.

Virginia Casa was born over 40 years ago, employing skilled and experienced artisans. Since that time they have relentlessly pursued  the perfection of many new styles all the while mainting a dedication to manual techniques of ancient pottery making. The result is a beautiful series of sophisticated lines deeply rooted in tradition, inspired by history, and employing only the best materials and the finest Italian artisans.

Everything by Virginia Casa is, and always will be, completely Made in Italy.

  • Diameter: 23cm
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Microwave Safe