Castillo de Canena Smoked Olive Oil

Product Description
$38.00 CAD

The most extravagant and high class oak-smoked oil you will ever taste, coming from the heart of Andalusia. This lavish and pungent smoked oil is a result of slowly cold-infusing the superior quality of the Castillo de Canena Arberquina oil, which comes from the natural juice of the finest olives, with naturally produced smoke from a combination of organic woods: oak, beech and birch. This unique process marries the distinctive quality of the flavors from these organic woods into the oil, while keeping the freshness of the olive oil with an added depth of real smoke savour.

Notes of apple and almond with a warm touch of caramel, vanilla and ripe avocado. The taste lingers in the mouth long after the dish is gone.

  • Region of production: Andalusia (Spain)
  • 250ml (8.4oz)

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