Chipotle Creole Rub

Product Description
$11.95 CAD

Created for achieving southern flavors, Chipotle Creole Rub is a hand-blended mixture of paprika, chipotle morita powder, peppercorns, sea salt, garlic, onion, turbinado sugar, coriander, thyme, fennel, parsley, celery seed and Mexican oregano.

Suggested Use:
Apply liberally to chicken, pork, beef and seafood before grilling, panfrying or roasting. Spice up fruit salsa, tacos, chili, fajitas, roasted corn, beans and rice. Perfectly season meatloaf and burgers or sprinkle on French fries for an extra kick. Mix with mayo for a quick seafood dipping sauce.

Paprika, spices, salt, granulated onion, chipotle powder, granulated garlic, sugar.

Weight:   130gr. (4.5oz)


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