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Weight: 40g. (1.41 oz)

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Cloves (Syzygium Aromaticum) are the unopened flower bud of an Evergreen Tree. The tree is native to Madagascar, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Sumatra, the Philippines, Jamaica and other tropical regions. Clove Oil has a numbing effect and is often used by dentists for tooth aches. A crushed Clove held in the mouth helps to alleviate tooth pain. The strong flavor and antiseptic qualities of Cloves led to the inclusion of Cloves in mouth washes and toothpaste. Cloves are also used to scent drawers and closets.

Suggested Use:
Whole cloves add a wonderful flavor to mulled wine, hot cider, spice tea, baked ham and chicken. Ground Clove are delicious in desserts, bread pudding, cookies, rice pudding, spice cake, stewed cranberries and fruit dishes.

 Weight:   40g. (1.41 oz)

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