Cumin Seed, Ground Organic

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Weight: 50gr. (2.1oz)

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Cumin (Cuminum Cyminum) is the seed of a small annual herb. The plant grows to about one foot in height and has flowers which range in color from pale pink, to white, to lavender. Cumin is parchment colored, hard and angular in shape. Ground Cumin is a very easy way to add the mildly hot and sweet flavor of the Cumin seed to dishes. Cumin has long been grown in numerous regions of the world; including India, Egypt, Arabia, and the Mediterranean regions.

Suggested Use:
Cumin is wonderful in bean soups and vegetable stews. Adding Cumin to cooking rice or couscous imparts a warm flavor and aroma. It makes a wonderful dip when mixed with mayonnaise. Cumin is an integral part of Indian spice blends for making curries and other spicy dishes.

Weight:  70g. (2.4oz)

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