Mac Sharpening Water Stone 800#-6000#

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Water stones are the traditional way of sharpening Japanese-style knives.  Proper technique takes years to master but the quality of the edge that is produced is beyond compare.

As the popularity of Japanese knives has increased, so has the use of Japanese sharpeners.  Water stones have been the preferred choice for sharpening Japanese tools for thousands of years.  Through the latest technology, man-made stones such as these produce excellent edges without the risk of impurities or inconsistencies in the stone which would otherwise cause irregular edges.   With just a few weeks of practice these stones will help you put a hair-shaving edge on your knife.  Soak stones in water for 2-3 minutes before using.  To maintain the flat shape of your stone we recommend purchasing a stone fixer.

Advantages:  Can produce the best quality edge.

Disadvantages:  Expensive.  Requires good technique and experience to master.

This King brand water stone is an excellent quality stone at a reasonable price.  This stone has a medium 800 grit side and a fine 6000 grit side.

The stone itself measures 7¼"x2½"x1" and comes with a 1¼" plastic stand with rubberized feet and clear plastic cover.

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