Organic Mesquite Seasoning

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Organic Mesquite Seasoning combines the bold, rich flavor of mesquite smoke with a blend of savory vegetables and aromatic spices, creating a unique seasoning that complements anything from roasted meats to potato chips.

Mesquite is a slow-burning hardwood popular in Southwestern and Texas-style barbecue. The bold, distinct, slightly sweet flavor of the wood’s smoke complements a wide variety of foods, especially beef and pork.

Ingredients:  Salt, Organic garlic, Organic spices, Organic paprika, Organic tomatoes, Organic sugar, Organic onion, Smoke flavor.

  • Ground to fine powder with larger flakes of spices and salt
  • Savory, slightly sweet, smoky flavor
  • USDA Certified Organic


Weight: 60gr.

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