Parsley Flakes

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Parsley is one of the most popular, versatile herbs, originating in the Mediterranean, but now grown in England, United States, Australia and New Zealand. Parsley, or Petroselinum crispum, is a member of the Umbelliferae family, related to parsnip, celery, dill and many other common vegetables and herbs. It is most often used as a garnish or in a blend with other herbs for fresh, earthy flavor and brightness.

While often used as a colorful garnish in recipes, Parsley Flakes can also add a wealth of health benefits. Rich in flavonoids and volatile oils, this antioxidant-rich herb can be helpful in aiding cells in prevention of damage and increasing oxygen production.

Parsley Flakes are the dried and crushed leaves of the parsley plant, perfect for adding the robust herbaceous flavor and deep color of parsley in a convenient dry form.

  • Light to dark green in color
  • Fresh, herbaceous flavor with slightly bitter notes

Weight:  20gr.

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