Smoked Sea Salt

Product Description
$12.95 CAD

Our smoked salt if made with the highest quality white Hawaiian sea salt to create a finishing salt with authentic smokehouse flavor. Fine Smoked Sea Salt is a medium-brown tinted salt with a delicate texture and a strong smoky taste.

Salt and smoke have been used together to preserve food for centuries, and the resulting flavors are beloved in cuisines from around the world.

Fine Smoked Sea Salt is naturally cold-smoked, producing a concentrated and consistent smoky flavor free from additives that could skew its taste.

It's an easy way to impart the essence of smoke to grilled or roasted meats, soups, potato and pasta dishes and vegetables.

  •  Natural smoke flavor
  •  Light to dark brown color
  •  Fine grains, slightly larger than table salt

Weight:  100 gr. (3.45 oz.)

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