Borgo del Balsamico - Orange Label Balsamic Vinegar

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Red Label Borgo Condiment is our most popular dressing. Smooth and dense, its nuanced fragrances are the result of years of ageing in oak casks. Sweet and tang notes form an elegant blend. Obtained from red and white grapes from the region of Emilia Romagna, Red Label Condiment is aged in oak barrels for many years.

Red Label Borgo Condiment goes well with sweet and savoury dishes, from appetizers through to desserts. It enhances the flavour of ‘lardo di colonnata’, a specialist bacon fact. Or add a few drops to a pumpkin risotto, baked pumpkin, meat, meat or fish tartare, raw or cooked prawns, foie gras, and soft or mature cheeses for an exceptional finish. Red Label Condiment with cream ice cream is another unexpected but delicious combination.

Quantity: 250ml.


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