Dievole Primo Raccolto Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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500ml. (16.9 oz.)

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Primo Raccolto stands out for its particular intensity on the palate, an authentic expression of the freshly-pressed olives. You can enjoy the unique flavour of this olive oil, bottled immediately after filtering, especially in November and December.

Primo Raccolto boasts an inebriating aroma and flavour, expressing its best characteristics both by on its own and in cooking. And the Tuscan tradition does them justice: just think of a fettunta, a simple slice of bread topped with oil, sometimes flavoured with garlic or fresh tomatoes and kale. It’s also an excellent condiment for soups and minestrones, like the classic ribollita, its heat emphasizing the flavours and aromas of this precious ingredient used as far back as Antiquity.

  • Region of production: Tuscany
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